Break Through

Nothing says “welcome” like the first impressions that custom fixtures can make.

Transparent LED Display

Carlson Fixtures strives to be an extraordinary partner, one that’s uncommonly good at providing high-quality, dependably scalable fixture solutions. We solve our customers’ problems and keep our promises to create consumer environments that are brand-authentic.

By designing and executing custom fixtures and innovative displays for the right-fit partners, we help elevate environments across retail, hospitality and grocery.

We are intensely focused on delivering end-to-end solutions, from developing concepts to reliably managing rollouts. All to enhance the consumer experience and drive sales for you. And always for the long term.

Because we are your forever company.








We don’t do all things for all customers, but we do everything in our power for the right customers.

Innovative Store Fixtures and Displays

Nothing says “welcome” like the first impressions that custom innovative fixtures can make.

Custom Innovative store fixtures give you the opportunity to enhance the consumer experience and drive sales for you. At Carlson Fixtures, we are here to be your long-term exceptional partner, providing you with dependable, high quality store fixtures and displays that in enhancing retail environments and creating custom fixtures that authentically reflect brands.

By creating and developing custom store fixtures and modern displays for businesses more than 60 years, we’ve not only witnessed the constant evolution of the retail experience, we’ve been a valuable retail partner in every movement forward. Our expertise in creating custom fixtures for
grocery, hospitality, and retail is long standing.

Expertise in Custom Store Fixtures and Displays

From the humble hangers and modest mannequins of yesteryear, to today’s innovative modular structure and experiential environments, we bring decades-deep knowledge of the retail industry and expertise on what’s ahead. Our capabilities in enhancing hospitality and retail environments and developing custom store fixtures, including custom wood fixtures and custom metal fixtures, are well received by our customers. Many of them are with Carlson for more than two decades. It takes a great deal of honest and open communications to make customer collaborations pay off in big ideas, better environments, and greater sales.

Our focus is on providing end-to-end solutions, from developing concepts to reliably managing rollouts, and delivering the right fixture solutions you need. All to enhance the consumer experience and drive sales for you, and always for the long term.

The Tools, Technology, and Talent You Need

We understand retail resource are thin. It’s why we’re there with tools, technology and talent to help you develop the best modern retail store fixtures—from inventory and post-delivery reports, to procurement and program management. Working with Carlson is like having extra, trusted employees on staff…without paying salaries or benefits.

Every customer is assigned a full relationship team that’s populated based on service needs. Projects are led by an account manager and can include product engineering, prototyping, quoting, production and quality control team members.

Whether you need pop-up store design fixtures, LED displays, grocery store fixtures, or other store display fixtures, we are here to help!

For more information about our custom modern store fixtures, please call our team today at 800.388.8043 or send us a message through our contact form.