Transparent LED Displays

The Carlson offers three different transparent LED displays to accommodate your needs and help you drive attention and foot traffic to your stores. With a uniquely versatile design, our customizable displays are integrated with an interactive system to deliver impactful messages to consumers. Having transparency up to 90 percent, the displays will allow natural light to come through and allow customers peak at what is displayed in the stores. When compared to traditional LEDs, Carlson’s transparent LED displays are highly energy efficient because of its special circuit design. The ventilation system allows for self-cooling so over-heating is never a problem.

Adhesive Transparent LED

The Carlson adhesive transparent LED series is highly transparent, ultra-light weight and fully customizable. Each panel has a specially designed solid adhesive on the back for easy installation, which does not require additional structures or frames.

Poster Transparent LED

Each poster is offered in the size of 700mm x 1000mm (2.3 ft x 3.3 ft) with up to 85 percent transparency. This is a fixed product that is perfect for storefront windows with a simple video control system embed into the product.

Modular Transparent LED

The modular series is designed to deliver larger powerful images at any strategic locations, offering higher resolution and brightness for better quality videos and pictures. The modular transparent LED is great for advertising purposes, for showcasing your brand, and for commanding attention.

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