Grocery stores take their responsibility to the safety of their employees and customers very seriously, which is why around the country and across the globe they’re looking for solutions to fight infection during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The most current research available indicates that the novel coronavirus is most readily transmitted through microdroplet exchange. Coughing and sneezing broadcast virus-laden water droplets into the air where they can be breathed in by others nearby.

Maintaining at least six-feet between people effectively reduces the chances of microdroplet transmission. In situations where this distance can’t be achieved, however, like grocery store checkout lines, other solutions are necessary.

Carlson’s sneeze guards maintain full visibility between grocery staff and their customers while blocking any microdroplets that might pass between them. This cost-effective solution keeps everyone safe and demonstrates a store’s dedication to the health of their staff and their shoppers.

Two Models Are Available, Depending on Your Budget and Needs

Large grocery chains like Albertsons, Kroger, Jewel-Osco, and Walmart have already begun installing sneeze guard solutions. To fill this need, we offer a hinged model and a flat-panel version, both designed to be effective, affordable, and easy to install.

The preferred solution is our hinged model that features two side panels that can be folded out and placed at angles to allow a wider protection footprint. In the event that a checkout attendant needs to help a customer with the credit card reader or with bulky grocery items, the panels can be folded out of the way briefly.

The less-expensive flat-panel model is wider, creating a similar safeguard against microdroplet transmission, but it lacks the side panels that afford wrap-around protection for checkout personnel. The necessary extra width may also partially block customer belt access at one end, but customers will appreciate the extra protection.

Both the hinged and flat-panel models will fit most checkout equipment arrangements.

Custom designs and sizes are also available!

Built for Strength and Effectiveness

Carlson Fixtures is a leading purveyor of modern grocery and retail store fixtures, and we’ve designed the grocery sneeze guards to withstand the rigors of active use.

Our panels are formed using PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol), a strong, resilient material that won’t crack, snap, or break under stress as acrylic or polycarbonate might. This means that sharp impacts aren’t a danger, and the panels can resist damage caused by people leaning on the panel.

Both the hinged and flat-panel models feature heat-bent sides for added structural rigidity. Under normal and extreme use, our sneeze guards will maintain optimal performance.

The required attachment hardware will vary depending on the checkout stand’s design, but our products are kitted with instructions for easy installation by local staff or hired contractors. In most cases, screws, standoff hardware or adhesive tape will suffice. We can also provide professional installation services if needed.

Premium Protection for Your Staff and Customers

Carlson’s sneeze guard solutions are best at keeping your employees and customers safe from the transmission of pathogens. Our solutions can be also used in other retail operations! If you’d like more information, please give us a call (800-388-8043) or send us a message at

Stay safe!