Working with Carlson is like having extra, trusted employees on staff.

Retail resources are thin. We understand. It’s why we’re there with tools, technology and talent to help—from inventory and post-delivery reports, to procurement and program management. We put our people and their exceptional skills to work as an extension of your business.


Innovation starts here. From initial concept to final fabrication drawings, our experienced in-house design engineers can create and transform your ideas and requirements into viable products. With a strong dedication to design, we deliver the best custom fixtures, visually and functionally, further ensuring a superior customer experience.


Taking imagination one step closer to reality. Prototyping can be a critical step for our customers. By creating your satisfactory prototype, we bring drawings to life and help prevent problems during mass production. Our in-house prototyping team works with our domestic partners to deliver your prototype faster. Upon your review, we can quickly make any changes as you request them.


Capabilities around the world. We partner with select manufacturers in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Mexico and Canada to leverage the best resources for specific materials, and provide you with cost-effective, high-quality manufacturing. This strategy gives us the flexibility to work with multiple materials, but also to build and assemble products faster and on a large scale. Our production capabilities include wood, metal, wire, acrylic, glass and various finishes.


Keeping standards and customer expectations high. Ensuring quality is critical to delivering fixtures that meet your standards and specifications. Our international quality assurance managers oversee production at every stage to ensure your fixtures reflect your brand and meet criteria for all the right colors, sizes, finishes and materials. We also have quality assurance teams domestically to verify form, function and finish, making certain we produce quality fixtures for you.


Intensely focused on your satisfaction. From development, through production, and until delivery, our project management teams thoroughly and proactively shepherd the entire process of getting you your orders. Our teams organize and diligently monitor your projects to ensure your fixtures are delivered on time and on budget. It’s project management that’s always responsive and responsible resulting in your complete peace of mind.


Great service begins and ends with experience. Whether it’s a single delivery to a specific store, or managing a nationwide rollout, you can count on Carlson’s extraordinary customer service team. Our team coordinates all shipment details and continually updates you with the best available status information until you receive your final products. With more than 60 years of global production experience, we are highly proficient at supply chain management, and can also provide white glove service if you prefer.