Pop-Up Store Design

At Carlson, we have never been afraid to come up with creative ideas and bold solutions to lead the industry and solve the problems. We are introducing you to our new pop-up store design displays that will create the next-gen shopping experience: innovative modular structures for “Fast Retail.” Cashier-less and tech-rich, these smaller-format structures can create ready-to-go pop-up stores in limitless configurations. Customized to any footprint, they include built-in lighting and accessories of choice, like transparent LED screens, peg or hang systems, and storage. The structures are designed to be integrated with technology allowing retailers to create a multichannel shopping experience.

One example of the modular innovation is a 200 square-foot, cashier-less structure we helped to create inside a stadium. Collaborating with a California tech company, Carlson worked to design, engineer and integrate technology for the permanent, yet modular structure, while also working with stadium officials on installation and wire management. The stadium store was open for business in only 10 weeks, from concept to reveal. The result? A “Fast Retail” solution that delivers a frictionless shopping experience.

The structure can also be used at short-term events to increase brand awareness, generate interest, test new streams of ideas and create various seasonal shopping experiences. As many retailers are required to change their storefront every month to create a fresher look for consumers and adapt for different occasions, the modular pop-up store design has the flexibility to be adapted to different looks and functionalities.

Cool Pop-Up Store Concepts

For Retailers looking for innovative ways to provide faster and more convenient shopping experiences, we think Carlson’s pop-up store design solution will be a good fit for you. It offers tangible benefits to both consumers and retailers. Benefits include:

Pop Up Shop Design Company
  • Reduced real-estate costs
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Reduced staffing labor
  • Increased speed-to-market
  • Increased throughput
  • Increased market exposure
  • Faster shopping experience for customers
  • More efficient shopping experience for customers

For more information about the modular pop-up store concepts and other modern custom store fixtures and displays, call us today at 800.388.8043 or send us a message through our contact form.