As businesses come back from quarantine, retailers, supermarkets and restaurants will be focused on keeping shoppers and employees safe. Carlson’s Safe Store Package comes with several products to help retailers keep their stores safe from the virus and ease their customers’ anxiety. Here are its biggest features:

Hand Sanitizer Station

By having a hand sanitizer station in your store, you remind customers and employees alike to practice proper hygiene. Carlson’s Safe Store Package includes four different types of sanitizer stations. The shelf and ledge mount is perfect for customer service businesses, as it can be easily fitted near checkout or other locations in the store.

The fixed sanitizer station stands on its own, perfect for the counter of a pharmacy or near the checkout register. The floor stand sanitizer station can be placed directly on the floor, best suited for high-traffic areas such as near the entrance. A custom-made option is also available to provide a customizable design that fits your business’ needs.


The thermometer is an important tool in Carlson’s Safe Store Package to help ensure that all of your workers are healthy and free of fever when they come into work. This infrared thermometer is FDA approved and non-contact, giving you instant readings from 2-3 inches away.

Surface Prep Kit

Carlson’s Safe Store Package also comes with a surface prep kit for properly wiping down surfaces and ensuring no bacteria live on any surface in your store. The surface prep kit comes with several different wipes, the first of which is an alcohol prep wipe to clean the surface. You then use the antibacterial/antiviral wipe to coat the surface, leaving the wet-wipe liquid on the surface for several minutes to let it work properly.

Lastly, you can use the microfiber cloth to clear off any excess film without scratching the surface or losing the material. The surface prep kit has a one-time use, but it will prevent the virus from growing for up to three months.

Sneeze Guards

The sneeze guards in Carlson’s Safe Store Package are one of the best ways to keep your employees safe at work. These cashier barriers stand 2 feet above the counter, minimizing droplet exchange while still providing clear visibility. Each design is made from PETG, a strong material that will not shatter.

The first sneeze guard design is the piano hinged wings guard, which comes with side panels that can be moved in and out for wider protection. The fixed wings guard is a bit wider but comes without the side panels. However, it has a side bent back design that increases the strength of the panel. Custom designs and sizes are also available to provide greater protection that specifically fits your checkout arrangement.

These features are all vital for reopening a retail store, supermarket and restaurant to the public. With these safety measures that kill the virus and prevent the spread of disease, you’ll make your store a safe environment for both employees and customers alike.

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